Solving the Missing Memories Dilemma.

At the most vibrant school in America, capturing cherished moments remains a challenge. Existing event photography methods are inefficient and exclusive, relying on scattered photo distribution and complicated ordering systems, leaving thousands of photos unclaimed.

Our solution integrates facial recognition to deliver photos in a targeted manner, ensuring your photos never get lost in the shuffle. Dynamic guest lists allow us to account for all event attendees — allowing not only you, but also your date, to receive photos.

How it Works

You scan our QR code at the venue
Our photographer takes the pic
We email you the photo album
You take a selfie
A.I. finds your photos
You download your pics!


When are photos sent out?

Photo albums are emailed to attendees the morning after the event. Pictures are downloaded to your phone immediately upon purchase.

Can I still buy physical copies of my pictures?

Yes! We've partnered with Black Warrior Printing Company to offer prints for all photos. Prints are 4x6 inches, include caption banners, and take 4-7 business days to deliver.

How long are pictures available?

Photos never expire at CampusWaldo. Check out the order page to find your pictures from any event!

Do I have to be in Greek Life to order photos?

Nope! Because of our dynamic guest lists, we're able to keep track of all attendees at events, allowing anyone to get the photos they're in.

How much do photos cost?

Digital photos are priced at $1.50 each, or $5 for all of your photos from the event. Physical copies can be purchased for $4 each.